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A Travesty of Justice: Episode 01 – The Beginning

The time has come to hear Rick Carver’s story and decide if he has been a victim of criminal fraud.

Watch the first episode of our new documentary series, A Travesty of Justice, now.

Ep 01: The Beginning

3 thoughts on “A Travesty of Justice: Episode 01 – The Beginning

  1. Rick believe me when I tell you that you are not alone In fighting corruption
    just viewed your videos. We have a common foe in Friedman and McFayden and Cecil County. Corrupt judicial system. I have been doing programs on a lifetime Cecil County resident, a descendent of James Ray Charles. Sherry Eveland where the local police, states attorneys, prominent lawyers and judges are all engaged in probate fraud in the theft of at least $18 million from the citizen.
    Like you I am use the video camera to memorialize with going on and I have a little over 1400 programs Here’s a list of Sherry’s. Here’s a list of videos chronicling her family’s ordeal since the first day I met her up through February 28, 2020. I personally have spent thousands of dollars trying to help this family with the corrupt system in Cecil County is tied in with the state judicial system and nobody can make. Keep up your good work George McDermott. You can reach me at 301-996-9577 anytime.

  2. George I certainly appreciate you taking the time to contact me and to share a piece of your story. I think if we could get together and compare some notes the similarities would probably make a whole nother documentary. I will give you a call and just want to thank you and everyone that has been so kind and supportive throughout bringing this to the light. The people that are involved with this crime and cover-up or just absolutely unbelievable. Lots more to come and thank you very much.

  3. Rick, Our stories are similar we both had property stolen. I would rather not put my information into writing, but will explain if you give me the opportunity. I have been in court and then appeals. I have spent everything I had, I worked for over 40 years just to hand it all over to a bank. Please call me.

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