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Alan McCarthy’s Illegal Censorship of Constituents

To some, it might seem like no big deal when a post or comment on Social Media gets deleted for any reason. Others might fly in the other direction and claim that their free speech is being suppressed.

But in the case of elected officials, censorship of constituents is illegal to do, be it an official forum or the internet.

In 2018, the ACLU settled a lawsuit against Governor Larry Hogan for $65,000 for deleting comments of constituents on Facebook, meanwhile a federal court ruled that President Donald Trump could not block negative commentators on his Twitter account.

In 2019, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Davison v Randall that the comments section of a public official’s social media account is a public forum and discrimination against contrary opinions is not allowed.

Source: https://www.aclu.org/legal-document/fourth-circuit-court-decision-davison-v-randall

Alan McCarthy, the Executive of Cecil County has adopted the same habit of deleting and blocking accounts from being able to comment on his page, particularly when they comment on his ethics abuses and illegal activities.

Ernie Beck, a citizen recently went viral on Facebook for exposing an anti-Trump message posted on McCarthy’s personal Facebook account that runs counter to his claims of being a Trump Republican. Beck today reported with evidence that McCarthy deleted the same comment he made twice before blocking him entirely.

McCarthy has also blocked Republican Central Committee chairman Vincent Sammons and many other residents of Cecil County for calling out his ties to corrupt business leaders and left-wing special interest groups.

3 thoughts on “Alan McCarthy’s Illegal Censorship of Constituents

  1. That’s what these guys will do until they get called out for it. They get mislead the public for personal gain.
    You just try and they will get you for lying!


  2. ALAN McCarthy’s office must be busy with all the responsibilities added by the coronavirus but a good leader needs to enforce the laws for his citizens. Cecil County including his office has not yet helped us gain access to our deeded properties at Indian Acres. They do not include us land owners there and allow the new owners to make many changes that most importantly have no given us fair access. They are only giving us chaperoned entrance for 15 minutes only one time, people are told. When they purchased the common ground from Bob Minnisal Thanksgiving Eve 2016 they stated a few months later that they wanted to make it a new place and clean it up while keeping it affordable. This is in the Cecil Wig.
    They have since broke up the board we had set up for meetings to eventually now only a 2 man board. JOE BERYL AND DON HAYES. The 2 who purched from Bob Minnisal. Alan, your court has basically given them permission to NOT RESPOND, INFORM US OF ANYTHING. They just vote changes to the existing Declarations by-laws to give them permission to access additional charges for anything THEY PERSONALLY WANT TO OR JUST WANT TO DO. All while not properly maintaining the property as it has been in the past. It would be nice if they would start. No NEWSLETTER anymore to keep us informed. Any letters from the administration seem to advise us of more costs. TO US! — OR — blame others for their actions. I have continued to hear and seen stated by their lawyer that it is only a few disgruntled campers that have lost lawsuits. Sir that is very bold of them considering I myself have not sued them and have stayed completely compliant. Many that I talk to are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation in some form. These guys have told every one that any more lawsuits would be costly and they would need to make a assessment to charge us and all this does is create more issues. They won’t answer our questions, only to say have your lawyer call our lawyer.
    Joe who testified in court he is there 40 plus hrs a week. I have not seen him there in 2 years.
    Personal has confirmed that. I have been retired for 2 years now and have been researching these guys, going to court cases. Most cases in my opinion have been ridiculous. There is much more to this. More people are coming out to get honest information. I don’t know why we should be required to take everything to your courts when it is so obvious what is going on!
    We need help. Not getting it. Your County appears to be set up to advise us that sorry this is not in our area of expertise. Send us somewhere else. Beginning to think that this Indian Acres should of never been passed to develop as basically a sub division and sell us deeded properties. The new owners are making it uncomfortable to continue as such. They continue to make it harder to sell our properties. They saw what they thought a easy mark and ignored the possibility or may I say probability that we made the 80% developed years ago as we see records show.
    As long as your County is allowed to continue to operate as it is this will only continue until the right people, entity sees the logic that it is. It’s a HOA property and should be operated like that. They have been paying taxes in the past for many years as a HOA. ( so I guess very little)
    Get it right sir. We need honest answers and respect. That’s all we ask.
    I apologize for this lengthy comment but have been trying to get answers without listening to their 5 lawyers?? That’s another issue. That is giving most of us a bad vision of them. All these lawsuits, lawyers. We must be paying for them. I would think that could be cause to be a little reckless, having all that power and not having to answer to anyone? Not having to pay for your consequences??
    I just don’t get it. Some say they want to develop? Just tell us!
    We have rights and don’t want another lawsuit.
    Please help…..Please give a fair, honest response….

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