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The War One Man is Fighting for Cecil County’s Residents

A Travesty of Justice

Stay tuned for our upcoming video documentary series: A Travesty of Justice.

You will learn the heartbreaking story of a family from Cecil County whose property was stolen out from under them and the long legal battle they have fought.

You will hear how the States Attorney and other government offices have refused to prosecute the blatant criminal fraud perpetrated against this man and his family.

We have the evidence. You will be given all of the facts, the documents, and the testimony, so that you can see what they have lost in the pursuit of justice.

4 thoughts on “The War One Man is Fighting for Cecil County’s Residents

  1. I also had my home ripped out from under me NY the county. I’d like to !make phone contact with this man!

    1. Someone needs to get the good ole boy system out of CECIL COUNTY !!!!

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