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Time for a Leadership Change

Time for a Leadership Change
Time for a Leadership Change

Four years ago, both of us challenged Alan McCarthy in the 2016 Republican primary.  Although he was victorious and became County Executive, both of us have a unique perspective on the record of the incumbent.

Although Alan campaigned as a conservative and would fight taxes, he significantly raised both the property and income tax his first year.  He has also increased local government spending every year, and refuses to hold the tax revenue stream to constant yield this year, which will raise the tax burden on all residents. This man misled the public during this 2016 campaign, and if he was honest, he would not have been elected.  And we both still have his campaign mailers stating he would fight tax increases!

Both Joe and I have disagreed on many different policy issues over the years, we certainly agree that our tax burden is too high, and we should make it the top priority to reduce taxes.  It is impossible to ignore the $7 million surpluses in 2017 and 2018 as an indication that our tax rate is too high.  Even in this fiscal year, the county has an additional surplus.  Although we both are residents of other states, we still own and pay property taxes in Cecil County. 

That is why we both support and endorse Danielle Hornberger for County Executive in the 2020 primary on June 2.  She is a woman of high integrity, who has made it a top priority to put the Cecil County taxpayer first.  With the economic reduction that has occurred as a result of Covid 19, we need a leader who will limit government spending, support all of our first responders, and bring true conservative values for the future vision of the county.  This is why we urge all our past supporters to support Ms. Hornberger in the June 2 primary (mail in only).  We cannot afford another four years of a McCarthy regime.


Dan Schneckenburger and Joe Carabetta

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