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Don’t Forget Coutz’s Ties to Local Corruption

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It hasn’t been long since Councilman William “Bill” Coutz entered into the already heated primary for Cecil County Executive. The move provoked a dichotomous response from county residents across social media due to the sharp division between supporters of incumbent Alan Judson McCarthy and the frontrunning challenger, Danielle Hornberger.

Last fall, Danielle Hornberger issued her primary challenge to Executive McCarthy, along with Rising Sun resident Ewing McDowell, expressing contempt for the incumbents outright failure to uphold his campaign promise of fighting tax increases, and for violating the laws of the County Charter which prohibit him from holding any office of profit while serving as County Executive.

Despite the insistence contrary by biased sources skulking local message boards, Hornberger’s message of repealing McCarthy’s property tax and wastewater fees hikes and supporting the everyday worker, whose largest concerns are affording their gas and groceries, not how big and flashy the new $18,000,000 library will be. She’s proven to be more than just a pretty face.

And now Coutz has thrown the gauntlet and announced his candidacy and a platform eerily similar to Hornberger’s, specifically opposition to the tax increases. This comes as the McCarthy echo chamber does its darndest to smear her reputation with the community.

Obviously, this is just a half-baked attempt to divide the vote and allow McCarthy an easy victory. We saw this in 1992 when Republican Ross Perot ran as an independent against incumbent George H.W. Bush and Democratic Candidate Bill Clinton and allowed Clinton to become president with less than 51% of the Electoral College behind him.

If you look closely at Coutz’s history of campaign contributions via campaignfinance.maryland.gov, you will see a money trail leading from not only Alan McCarthy, but his inner circle and the organizations that support them, which contradicts his current political message.

06/11/2018 – Cecil Business Leaders for Better Government PAC (“Non”-Profit Organization) – $5,000

05/19/2018 – Republican Club of Cecil County (Political Club) – $1,000 (Note: The Republican Club of Cecil County has been under the control of McCarthy due to fraudulent elections)

02/15/2018 – McCarthy, Alan J (Individual) – $100

05/17/2018 – McCarthy, Alan J (Individual) – $200

04/07/2018 – Meffley, Bob (Individual) – $80

05/10/2018 – Meffley, Bob (Individual) – $100

02/15/2018 – Owens, Roger Lee (Individual) – $50

04/07/2018 – Owens, Roger (Individual) – $80

05/10/2018 – Owens, Roger Lee (Individual) – $50

04/07/2018 – Alt, Robert Joseph (Individual) – $80

04/14/2018 – Alt, Robert Joseph (Individual) – $50

So, how exactly can he run against McCarthy’s agenda when it and his supporters were his biggest contributors in 2018? Take care to remember that he supported the infamous increase in utility fees McCarthy put forth so that his business partners could get free water and sewer. This isn’t some television show where the recipient of financial support has a change of heart and takes a moral stand, the gift of legal tender comes with strings attached, and those strings do not simply vanish on a whim.

If you’re a resident of Elkton along 213 where the Southfields development is planned; if you’re a resident of Perryville tired of the warehouses being put up in your back yard; if you’re a resident of Rising Sun angry that the County overreaching its authority to block the town’s mandatory utility expansion; if you’re someone who just wants peace and quiet around your home instead of the constant noise of cars and trucks, Coutz is not on your side. He is bought and paid for by the people making it happen.

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